Club Spark ATT Taipei

Located in the heart of Taipei City, SPARK Nightclub has always been synonymous with the nightlife of Taipei. After opening its first club (SPARK 101) under one of the highest building in the world (Taipei 101) in 2006, SPARK Nightclub has been the destination for celebrities, socialites, and anyone who wants to enjoy a fun evening filled with the latest dance from from the infamous DJ Junior. Due to the jam -packed venue night in and night out at SPARK 101, SPARK Nightclub decided to open an additional location on the 7th floor of the ATT 4 Fun building next door.

The Taiwanese top design firm Howard Liao Design was chosen by SPARK Nightclub to lead the project along with a little help from Room Division. Orbit Optotech Inc. was chosen as the lighting supplier for the new venue. The main lighting feature of the new SPARK Nightclub is the LED ceiling. Orbit’s Mars Dotz was chosen as the LED fixture to light up the ceiling. The installation took 3 weeks and the new SPARK ATT opened its doors to a full-packed crowd on 12/21/13.

Orbits Featured Products:
- Mars Dotz